The kozahinof Family

The Kozahinof family is one of the five most dominant families in the Israeli and global diamond industry

After its foundation almost fifty years ago, the family developed its businesses in all the global power centers of the world and expanded its operations into the USA, Belgium, and South Africa.

At home, like in business, the family’s core values are integrity and credibility, mutual respect and philanthropy, Zionism and communal responsibility.

Nurit Kozahinof led the family’s expention to the housing market in Israel, nearly a decade ago. Since then the Kozahinof family has been  locating, developing, and promoting real estate projects in Israel in the residential, urban renewal, and commercial sectors.


Architect Rachel Feller is one of Israel’s leading architects. She has been tasked with the planning of numerous icons in Tel Aviv’s residential sector, including Akirov Towers, YOO Towers and Frischman Tower.

The planning team, led by Feller, shine due to their experience, multiyear professionalism, in-depth thought of the living and residential interface, and above all – their innovation and boldness that make way for the creation of Tel Aviv’s leading architectural icons.

Interior Design

Irma Orenstein – an interior designer with an international reputation and experience is overseeing the interior design efforts of Beresheet Tower’s common spaces.

Orenstein and her team created an elegant and timeless world that combines varied elements, textures, and materials that are being designed and created exclusively for Beresheet.

Legal Assistance

The Aviv Tassa Law Office is among Israel’s most senior and notable real estate and urban renewal law offices. The firm’s extensive professional knowledge and vast experience, along with the recognition it gets, elevate it to the senior status it possesses in this industry and form the core of its excellent reputation.

The office is highly proficient and possesses extensive practical knowledge in all matters concerning real estate, in every aspect, with an emphasis on developing high-end projects, establishing luxury towers and complex deal-making.

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